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When applying for My Kids Agency you will need to submit 3 images with the application. Yes, they don’t have to be professional but they still need to be strong images. These images are crucial as this is what the team looks at to decide on whether or not they would like to offer the child a contract with them. Although lots of the below points you might think seem quite obvious, you would be surprised by how many people submit images for example with their child wearing sunglasses. Of course, it makes for a great picture but not when we need to see the child’s face. So just a quick reminder to everyone of what we need.

Here are the things to look out for and to try and follow –

  • Take the pictures in natural lighting
  • All images that are submitted have to of been taken in the last 2 weeks
  • Preferably use a plain background, so a white wall ideally or a wall with any colour but no patterned wallpaper
  • For babies, use a plain sheet and they can lie on it
  • Keep wardrobe as simple as possible, not to draw attention away from the child’s face
  • Make sure the child’s face is nice and clean
  • Try to submit a headshot, mid-shot and full-length image
  • Keep hair completely natural and down and loose
  • Try to get a straight face picture and a smiling one
  • Get the child to look into the camera
  • Just the model in the picture, no other person

All images submitted must be below 2MB. There are many ways to lower your image size and lots of different websites that can offer this for free.

Here are the things to definitely not do –

Try to stay away from clothes that have logos on or that are really visible

  • Make sure the images are not pixilated
  • If submitting professional images (that you should have permission to use by the photographer), make sure they don’t have watermarks on
  • Filters or black and white images are a definite no
  • Make sure the children don’t wear fancy dress for their pictures
  • No props
  • Not wearing sunglasses
  • Strictly no nudity
  • No face paint

Hope this helps a little when trying to take images to submit for our application form!

Best wishes,

My Kids Team x

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