Here at My Kids we use lots of different words in the office with regards to model profiles, jobs, castings, fees etc. So, thought it was important to give an outline and small description of what our commonly used phases and words actually mean.

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Wardrobe –

Wardrobe is a term for clothes. If confirmed for a job the clients sometimes require you to bring a selection of wardrobe (clothes). If this is the case you will always be given a brief on what they are looking for you to bring along. We write the word ‘wardrobe’ when sending out castings to parents so we can give them a few tips on what style of outfit the child should try to wear when attending.

Editorial –

At My Kids we love our children to get involved in Editorial shoots. Although they tend to be low paid we find they are the most creative and fun shoots for kids to take part in. Plus, you get a great set of images to add to the child’s profile and a fantastic way for them to gain experience. Editorials are pages in a fashion magazine. They are either produced by the magazine itself, or other creatives produce them and submit them to the magazine in hope of them to be published.

Fitting –

A fitting is when a model is asked to attend before a shoot so they are able to try on the clothing to make sure it fits properly and if it needs altering before the shoot, the stylist has time to do this.

Fit model –

This is when the child has specific, exact measurements the designer needs so they can put new clothes on the model, this then allows the designer to alter and tailor the clothes to fit properly.

Lookbook –

Child models can be asked to do Lookbook shoots. A lookbook is a collection of images taken of the model wearing the designers clothing which can then be sent out to fashion editors, buyers, clients and any other people they feel necessary to show the new looks for the season. They can sometimes also be featured on the company’s website.

Test shoot –

A test shoot is when a photographer or a group of creatives plan a shoot to either use the images to build up their own portfolios and sometimes try to get it published in a magazine. It’s great for child models, like editorials rather than the models being paid they could get the images for their profiles and it’s a great first shoot to do to get some experience.

Call sheet –

A call sheet is a detailed document listing exactly who is on the shoot, what they are doing. What time they are needed and any other important notes that everyone involved needs to know about. Contact information, medical information, if needed accommodation and transport details. This then gets sent out to everyone involved and passed onto the relevant people. My Kids will always take the information needed for the child and rewrite it up in an email as parents don’t need all the information on the call sheet.

Model Release Form –

A model release form is a document that will list all the conditions, agreed usage and rates on. It will state if there are any restrictions or limitations for the work of the model and what exactly the work is being used for and on what media platforms. The model is giving their claim of ownership/copyright over, which means they don’t own any of the work for themselves. As children are not allowed to sign this document, My Kids will always sign on their behalf and occasionally if needed the parents will sign.

Campaign –

A campaign is a word used to describe a set of advertisements for a product. This could be just one print ad or could mean several, such as print and TV ads.

Call time –

A call time is when the model is due on set. Generally, we would always say make sure you turn up at least 15 minutes before your call time. So, for example if your call time was 8.30am we would expect you to be there at 8.15am.

Stills –

When we say ‘he is needed for a stills shoot’ we mean a photographic shoot. So it’s not moving image its ‘stills’.

Portfolio OR Profile –

My Kids children have online portfolio’s or we sometimes call them profiles. This is a build-up of any work they have done through the agency and it’s also a starting point for a client to be able to view the child’s images and measurements. This is why we say it’s so important for parents to keep the child’s profiles up to date.

Agency Books –

The agency books are not a physical book but it’s our roster of children we represent.


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